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  • No need to stop and wait
    for temperature measurement!
    Quick and accurate fever check within 0.5 seconds for a large crowd screening! Fully Automatic Horizontal Kiosk Alarm!
    Non-contact face recognition temperature measurement system with thermal imaging camera
  • FeverMon is an abbreviation for Fever detecting Monster.
  • Slacking-off with a cellphone while monitoring a thermal imaging camera

    Heat detection camera was for industrial use… such a white elephant!

    My body temperature is 32°C?'… Useless temperature measurement!

  • Why is ‘Industrial’ Thermal Imaging Camera Useless? NOT PRECISE : the measurement range varies from 0 to 150℃ LOW RESOLUTION : thermography pixel below 160x120p INFERIOR PERFORMANCE : almost 9Hz of low frequency 'In front of a camera installed at another government office, the body temperature was shown as 33 degrees Celsius. But when I measure directly, it’s actually 36.3 degrees Celsius. There’s a difference of three degrees approximately. The criteria to suspect COVID-19 is 37.3 degrees Celsius, which is only a difference of 1 degree, compared to the average temperature 36.5 degrees Celsius.
    This way, it’s hard to measure precisely in practice, without a medical camera within a ±1-degree range of measurement error. Besides, if there are more than three or four people, it’s impossible to measure simultaneously.' - MBN Report
  • Problems of Existing Contact Temperature Measurement System Increased risk of infection for a measurer due to a short-distance measurement Increased inconvenience for visitors due to a relatively long time to measure Increased work burden due to the continuous need for a measurer Difficulty in tracking and management due to the insufficient face data of those with high temperature Inconvenience and inaccuracy due to a temperature record to be handwritten Possibility of losing visit and measurement data  is the right solution!
  • Quick, accurate, simultaneous check  by self-developed software Quick, accurate and automatic temperature check 24/7 Simultaneous face recognition up to100 persons per minute Zero blind spot thanks to wide field of view and 43inch-large screen Horizontal kiosk type for good visibility and easy management All-in-one system (monitor-PC-camera) without the need of cables Smart check by setting alarm sound when not wearing mask Essentials for safe environment in the era of COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Sophisticated, elegant, high-performance! Three(real, thermal and dual) imaging modes for easy and convenient management AI face recognition and tracking system without any errors Smart automatic alarm and screen saving separately in case of an event Centrally-mounted thermal camera for accurate temperature measurement! Easy movable design with 4 smooth and robust wheels High-performance Windows PC with intel i5 CPU for stable operation Keyboard- and mouse-mounted foldable shelf for clear appearance

  • Smart all-in-one with all devices Safe system with completely automatic check that requires no measurer! Easy-to-use user interface(UI) that doesn’t require high skills to operate! Temperature data storage for all visitors, including those with
    asymptomatic cases!

  • Ultra Clear thermal imaging camera equipped!

    Core-based ultra-high performance camera module
    made by the world’s leading thermal imaging camera maker, IRay, which has 311 patents!

    Highly precise, professional camera that’s able to measure temperature super precisely with a ±0.5℃ range of measurement error!

    Advanced face recognition algorithm to exactly detect and measure face temperature even in case of wearing a mask or holding a cup of hot coffee!

    A large number of installation cases in various buildings including public offices with large access, based on core supply reference more than 200,000 throughout the world!

    Three different imaging modes supported: real, thermal and dual imaging!

    AI deep learning-based automatic face recognition and tracking technology!

    MATRIXIII Patented temperature measurement algorithm!

    High-resolution thermal imaging module for simultaneous scanning of many persons only in a frame!

    Core chip-based super precise temperature measurement, instead of sensors!

    High performance core with the patented technology for body temperature measurement!

    Real-time accurate scanning over a large number of targets even in spite of fast access!

    MS Windows-based management S/W for increased user convenience!

  • Specifications
    Features FeverMon 200 FeverMon 300
    Dual Camera Thermal Lens Thermal resolution 256x192 384x288
    FOV 25.3° x 19.1° 37.2° x 28.3°
    Frequency(Detector) 50Hz
    Focal length 9.7mm
    Visible Lens Visible resolution 1920x1080p(2Megapixel)
    Focal length 4.4mm
    Camera Module Measurement range 0℃~60℃
    Measurement accuracy ≤±0.5℃ @33℃~42℃ of target temp.
    Measurement distance 0.5~3m
    Alarm responsive time <0.5s
    Management S/W
    (English UI)
    High temperature alarm Alarm / Capturing and saving
    Historical data storage Support
    Human face recognition Human face recognition & tracking
    Flux <100 people/minute
    Monitor Size 43" 4K
    Resolution 3840x2160p (UHD)
    Mini PC Operating system Microsoft Windows 10
    CPU Intel Core i5-9500 Processor
    RAM 4GB DDR4
    SSD 256GB
    Kiosk Body Size 700x600x1800mm(WxDxH)
    Weight 65kg(All included)
    Certification Acquired FCC, CE, KC
    A/S Warranty Period 2 years from the date of purchase
    *Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for performance improvement.
  • the follow-up model after the bestselling AT300i

    The bestseller sold over 300 units just over 3 months in South Korea!

    Single mode only(thermal imaging mode)!, 32-inch monitor, laptop, camera, and tripod required to operate!

    While AT300i needs many cables, all-in-one typed FeverMon doesn’t require any cables.

    AT300i Installation references GyeongNam Office of Education Yangsan Public Library Gimhae Jungang Girls' Middle School Yangsan Yun Hospital Fullman Hotel
  • & AT300i Installation references Chonnam Univ. Headquarters Chonnam Univ. of Humanities Chonnam National Univ. Seokmun Middle School Preschool Harang Jinju Bongwon Middle School Gimhae Oedong Elementary School Changwon Hospital

    Chonnam National Univ.

    GyeongNam Office of Education

    Busan HumanResource Development Center

    Ulsan Airport

    Tongyoung Court

    Korea Coast Guard Ulsan

    Chonnam National Univ.

    Hapcheon Office of Education

    Haebom Art Education Center

    Hoengseong Office of Education


    Changnyeong Office of Education

    Hanmaeum Changwon Hospital

    GyeongNam Institute of SepcialEducation

    Jinyong Public Library

    GyungNam Art Education Center

    GyeongNam 2nd Office of Education

    Gjjungang High School

    OB Primary School

    Hanarum Kinderganrte

    Geojeae School

    Tngyeong Kindergarten

    Geoje High School

    Geoje Sangdong High Shchool

    Geoje High School

    Milseong Girls' Middle School

    Milseong Middle School

    Arang Kindergarten

    Yangsan Middle School

    Changnyeong Middle School

    Namjiei Mrlsiddle School

    Namji Middle School

    Changnyeongeo Yangsan Elementary School

    Yongsan High School

    Miryang Kindergarten


    Jinrye Elementary School

    Miryang Yerim Elementary School

    Jinhae Jangcheon Elementary School

    Jinyoung Central Elementary School

    Sunam Middle School

    Mudong Elementary School

    Gwangrye Middle School

    Masan Samgye Elementary School

    Guam Elementary School

    Myeongseo Elementary School

    Yangsan Seongsan Elementary School

    Jinyoung University Chang Elementary School

    Uichang Elementary School

    Gimhae Synthetic Elementary School

    Palyong Elementary School

    Bonglim High School

    Doggye Middle School

    Jayeo Elementary School

    Pyeongsan Elementary School

    Masan Gyobang Elementary School

    Jinyoung Geumbyeong Elementary School

    Gimhae Bunseong Middle School

    Jinyoung High School

    Gimhae Jeil High School

    Gimhae Sammun Elementary School

    Masan Samgye Middle School

    Changwon Anmin Elementary School

    Jinyoung Girls' Middle School

    Hoam Elementary School

    Member Elementary School

    Changwon Wooam Elementary School

    Imho Middle School

    Imho High School

    Daeam Elementary School

    Woongnam Elementary School

    Juwon Kindergarten

    Gimhae Geumsan Elementary School

    Masan Jungang Elementary School

    Gimhae Yulsan Elementary School

    Masan Dong Middle School

    Ungnam Middle School

    Juchon Elementary School

    Jeungsan Elementary School

    Gimhae Samgye Elementary School

    Gimhae Donggwang Elementary School

    Chungnam Seosan Elementary School

    Geumsan High School

    Daesang High School

    Jinjubongwon Middle School

    Busan Junamm Elentary School

    Changwon Yangnam Elementary School

    Geoje Library

    Gimhae Girls' High School

    Gimhae Foreign Language High School

    Gimhae Foreignrls Girl' Hiigh School

    Gimhae Joongang Girls' High School

    Gimhae Hanil Girls' High School

    Jinyoung Middle School

    Jangyu Middle School

    Seoksan Elementary School

    Eogok Elementary School

    Yangsan Hope School

    Haman Gaya Elementary School

    Daegu Achievement Education Support Office

    Chungnam Taean Education Support Office

    Busan Eulsukdo Elementary School

    Gyeongnam Eunhye School

    Gyeongnam Education Welfare Center

    Gimhae Sinmyeong Elementary School

    Jinhae Gyeonghwa Elementary School

    Jinhae Bears Kindergarten

    Nakcheon Middle School

    Nakcheonle mEentary School

    Dongbu Elementary School

    Dongjin Middleh School

    Muhak Elementary School

    Bonglim Middle School

    Bomng Elementary School

    International Art Preschool

    Garam Kindergarten

    Lira Natural Eco-Preschool

    Bright Nickname Pscrehool

    Masan Seongun Preschool

    BarunreTe Preschool

    Salesio Sungmi Preschool

    Samjeongja Elemenyta Srchool

    Sangnam Middle School

    Thought Forest Art Kindertgeanr

    Seokdong Elementary School

    Sehwa Girls' High School

    Mysterious Hanaum Kindergarten

    Shinwol Middle School

    Shinhang Middle School

    Aram Flowers Kindergarten

    Ancheong Elementary School

    Yongho Elementary School

    Woongdong Middle School

    Woongcheon High School

    Wolsan Elementary School

    Jinhae High School

    Jinhae Flower Forest Kindergarten

    Jinhae Namsan Elementary School

    Jinhae Daeya Elementary School

    Jinhae Middle School

    Jinhae Deoksan Elementary School

    Pungho Elementary School

    Changwon Central Middle School

    Tongdosa Preschool

    Nonsan High School

    Chungnam Physical Education High School

    Sunflower Kindergarten

    Gimhae Jungang Girls' Middle School

    Busan Samil Church

    Gwangcheon Middle School

    Cheongyang Middle School

    Sangnam Church

    Sea of Wisdom

    Myeonggok Church

    Baekseok Elementary School

    Geumsan High Tech High School

    Nonsan Yeonsan Elementary School

    Seonggwang Onnuri School

    Geumsan Industrial High School

    Nonsan Cheongdong Elementary School

    Nonsan Ganggyeong Girls' Middle School

    Nonsan Seongdeok Elementary School, etc

    More than 300 units just in 3 months in South Korea!
  • deployment usage scenario government offices, police stations, corporate buildings, broadcasting stations, theaters, public libraries, museums, art galleries, railway stations, universities, schools, basketball courts, soccer fields, gymnasiums, shopping malls, churches, supermarkets, buffets, restaurants, karaoke, etc.

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